"Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics"

8th Edition, by Ulaby and Ravaioli, (published by Pearson, 2020) is a new book with a companion website which contains many interactive apps developed from material at amanogawa.com

You will find many updated versions of apps on transmission lines, electromagnetic waves, and antennas, which have been re-designed to fully work on both Microsoft Windows and Apple OSX operating systems, along with a range of other applications and learning modules. The companion website has the option to run Java application versions of the software, launched via the Java Web Start protocol. 

Information on the book is available at the publisher's website

Access here the companion website

Applets Based on Amanogawa.com Software:

- Two-Wire Line

- Coaxial Cable

- Lossless Microstrip (MODIFIED Version)

- Transmission Line Simulator (lossless line) (MODIFIED Version)

- Wave and Input Impedance (MODIFIED Version)

- Interactive Smith Chart (Lossless Line)

- Quarter-Wavelength Transformer - Tutorial

- Quarter-Wavelength Transformer - Design (NEW)

- Discrete Element Matching - Tutorial (NEW)

- Discrete Element Matching - Design (NEW)

- Single Stub Tuning - Tutorial

- Single Stub Tuning - Design (NEW)

- Transient Response: Transmission Line with Resistive Load 

   (ENHANCED Version)

- Electron Motion in Static Fields (NEW)

- Magnetic Field of a Current Loop (NEW)

- Magnetic Force Between Two Parallel Conductors  (NEW)

- Displacement Current (NEW)

- Linking E to H (NEW)

- Electromagnetic Wave Propagation

- Polarization I

- Polarization II

- Wave Attenuation (NEW)

- Current in a Conductor (NEW)

- Normal Incidence on a Perfect Conductor (NEW)

- Multimode Step-Index Optical Fiber  (NEW)

- Oblique Incidence:

      dielectric-dielectric interface (GREATLY ENHANCED Version)

      dielectric-lossy interface (GREATLY ENHANCED Version)

- Rectangular Waveguide

- Hertzian Dipole (MODIFIED Version)

- Linear Dipole Antenna

- 3D Radiation Pattern of Linear Antenna  (NEW)

- Detailed Analysis of Linear Antenna

- Two-Dipole Array

- Detailed Analysis of Two-Dipole Array

- Uniform Dipole Array

- Large Parabolic Reflector (NEW)

- N-Element Array (NEW)

- Line of Sight Transmission (NEW)


Other Learning Modules in this Book:

- Sinusoidal Waveforms

- Traveling Waves

- Phase Lead/Lag

- Complex Numbers

- Points and Vectors

- Gradient

- Divergence

- Curl

- Fields due to Charges

- Charges in Adjacent Dielectrics

- Charges above a Conducting Plane

- Charges near a Conducting Sphere

- Electron Motion in Static Fields

- Magnetic Fields due to Line Sources

- Magnetic Field of a Circular Loop

- Circular Loop in Time-varying Magnetic Field

- Rotating Wire Loop in Constant Magnetic Field


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